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We have all, at one point or another, read a post on Amazon, Facebook or Twitter.  For this reason we are taking our staff book club digital. You can now submit your reviews on books, and movies to clcolson@smcm.educrbarclift@smcm.edu, or  pemann@smcm.edu.

As for me…If anyone had told me a few years ago I’d be a blogger, I would have asked my son which science fiction movie monster that was. And yet here I am “blogging” about the latest books I have read. The beauty of this system is that though I am not an eloquent writer, nor a technical one, I am able to put my opinions out for you to read and get your feedback. Often times the feedback I receive helps me better understand what I am reading from new perspectives, making me enjoy the story even more.

Like many of you I was skeptical about writing reviews. I like reading for pleasure. The idea of analyzing and reviewing the books I read seemed like quite the headache until I found just how easy it can be. Personally, I select books that sound intriguing. When I finish a book I ask myself a few questions– why did I select that particular book, how did the book make me feel, and what, if anything, did I get out of it? Most of the time a slew of emotions come into play; take the book “Dog Stars.” When (slight spoiler) one of the supporting characters dies, oh gosh did I cry. And the book “Passage” gave me nightmares for a week! The need to share these experiences is a powerful one, and here we intend to provide an outlet for that need, as well as to spread the wealth of READING!

As for film, well I’m not a film critic, I don’t know one director from other – so this I will leave to my esteem colleague Curt, who if given a dialogue or scene can pretty much tell you the name of the film, the director and leading stars. …Me, I love Disney films.


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