Where shadows Dance by C.S.Harris

The book has a historical background which can be difficult to follow.  It begins in 1812, when Napoleon embarked on his Russian campaign, Russian is pressuring Britain to send troops, while Britain in engage in war with Spain and trying to form other alliances, war breaks out with the United States. The British government has its hands full of spies, secrecy and murders. 

Meanwhile Dr. Gibson a well-known anatomists, discovers the corpse he purchased from a local grave robber, didn't die as proclaimed but indeed was murdered.  Dr. Gibson calls upon his closest friend the aristocrat/sleuth Sebastian St. Cyr to investigate.  The story line continues with Sebastian unraveling not one but several murders, while engaging in a romantic entanglement with Hero Jarvis, the daughter of the man he loathes.  The book is entertaining, especially Hero who dominates the last several chapters.

3 thumbs up